Make Better use of Natural Light in the Interior Design of your Home

House design has changed dramatically over the past twenty years. Different techniques and products have allowed alterations to many features in a house. The use of glass in our homes is one of the biggest changes we have seen. Many modern houses make full use of open plan living with a complete wall of glass that can open to allow the outside in.

Today’s home homeowners want the open plan living lifestyle that adds the garden to the living area. We are now more aware that natural light has a positive effect both physically and psychologically.

The use of substantial amounts of glass in modern construction processes is not a problem as the improved production techniques have made glass stronger and heat loss has been greatly reduced. However, if you want to redesign the interior of an older style house there are often limitations as to where it is possible to increase the size of the windows.

There is a solution used in commercial properties that will become popular in domestic houses as the demand for more natural light continues. Companies are aware of how important natural light is to make sure that their workforce can work safely and with increased productivity. It is from this commercial demand that a company called Parans has developed an innovative system that collects the sun’s rays for transportation into the building using a fibre optics system. Therefore, it is possible to deliver natural light to any place that normal means find it difficult to reach.

Since the collectors, that are like solar panels, also track the movements of the sun the greatest amount of light is available for as long as possible. This system developed by Parans, a Swedish company established in 2003, will prove a popular solution for those wishing to maximize the natural light available from any complex interior redesign project.

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