Making the Most of a Basement

Why renovate?

In 2018 the average semi-detached house cost £225,000 to buy. With the cost of buying (including fees and taxes) being so much higher than the average salary, it has become increasingly important to find ways of utilising the space already available to you in either your own property or a family home. Here are just some way to make the most of your current space by renovating and using your basement or even your garage.

A separate utility room

While we don’t advocate putting a child’s bedroom in either a basement or a garage, this space is still valuable and if renovated properly can add thousands to the value of your home. Both can be insulated, painted, and generally brightened up to create a hidden utility room. The benefit of this is that any children are unlikely to go near dangerous laundry powders, tablets and equipment as they would be kept separate from play areas. A separate utility area also frees up space in the kitchen or hallway to add extra storage for home supplies and toy boxes. Just make sure that the ventilation is checked and up to spec before going for it.


A home gym is a useful room and can make use of any leftover floor space in your new utility room basement. Particularly for stay at home mums and dads, this provides the opportunity to work out whilst the kids are napping or even to encourage children to consider exercise as an enjoyable and useful hobby. It also saves money on expensive membership fees.

Hobby room

By renovating your basement you can add a hobby room to your house which can be used for anything from your very own mini-casino for friendly nights with poker to a painting studio or a games room. Through soundproofing, a basement or garage also becomes the perfect space for a music practice room.

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